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Phasmophobia Console Version Delayed Yet Again: A Nightmare for Fans

by Farhan.ali


Phasmophobia, initially launched as a PC exclusive in September 2020, has stirred the gaming world with its immersive gameplay and innovative features. However, the much-anticipated console version has faced repeated delays, leaving fans in suspense. Let’s delve into the details behind the Phasmophobia console version delay, the challenges faced by the development team, and the implications for eager gamers.

The Legacy of Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia, a breakout hit in the horror gaming genre, garnered immense popularity upon its release. Its dynamic gameplay, multiplayer capabilities, and VR compatibility set a new standard for immersive gaming experiences.

Unprecedented Success

After its debut, Phasmophobia quickly climbed the ranks, earning accolades from critics and gamers alike. Its success culminated in it becoming the bestselling game on Steam for three consecutive weeks and clinching the prestigious title of Best Debut Game at The Game Awards 2020.

Reasons Behind the Delay

Despite its triumphs, the transition to console platforms has proven challenging for the development team at Kinetic Games. Several factors have contributed to the ongoing delay:

Remote Working Challenges

The unforeseen shift to remote work, prompted by a studio fire, disrupted the development process. Adapting to the new working environment posed logistical hurdles, impacting productivity and coordination among team members.

Optimization for Next-Gen Hardware

The team’s decision to optimize the game for next-gen consoles, particularly the PS5 and its accompanying PS VR2 peripheral, necessitated significant modifications. In particular, the redesign of Phasmophobia’s Maple Lodge Campsite demanded extensive reworking to ensure seamless performance on console platforms.

Community Reaction

The news of yet another delay has elicited mixed reactions from the Phasmophobia community. While some fans express understanding towards the challenges faced by the development team, others voice frustration and disappointment over the prolonged wait.

Developer Promises

Despite the setbacks, Kinetic Games remains committed to delivering a polished and optimized console experience. The studio has assured fans that updates on the game’s progress will be provided regularly, with a definitive release date to follow.

What Lies Ahead

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Phasmophobia on consoles, the development team continues to work diligently to overcome obstacles and deliver a product worthy of the game’s legacy. While the road may be fraught with challenges, the promise of a spine-chilling console experience keeps hopes alive among the gaming community.


  • What platforms will the console version of Phasmophobia be available on? The console version is slated for release on Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox platforms.
  • Will there be any exclusive features for the console version? While specific details remain undisclosed, the development team has hinted at optimizations tailored for console hardware.
  • How will the delay impact future updates for Phasmophobia? The delay may result in adjustments to the game’s update schedule, with the focus shifting towards resolving technical issues and enhancing performance.
  • Can players expect cross-platform compatibility with the console release? While cross-platform play has been a subject of interest among fans, no official confirmation has been provided thus far.
  • Are there any incentives for players who pre-order the console version? Details regarding pre-order bonuses or incentives have not been announced by the developers at this time.
  • Will the console version offer VR compatibility like the PC version? While VR compatibility remains a hallmark of Phasmophobia, its implementation on consoles has yet to be confirmed.


The Phasmophobia console version delay, though disheartening for fans, underscores the complexities inherent in game development. As Kinetic Games strives to deliver a seamless transition to consoles, the community’s patience and support remain invaluable. With the promise of an optimized and immersive gaming experience on the horizon, anticipation continues to build for the much-awaited release.

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