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Over 1,800 people have achieved financial freedom with Zaki Ameer’s exclusive DDP Property tactics. Zaki Ameer founded DDP Property in 2011. By buying 15 houses over the course of three years, he turned his financial situation from being heavily in debt to having $3 million in property.

During their tenth year of business, DDP Property is using Zaki’s exceptional investment strategies and mentality to help clients invest in real estate for the long term.

A Little introduction to the founder

At 18, Zaki Ameer moved to Australia. Since then, he has achieved great success in the real estate industry because of his fervent enthusiasm. Through his special techniques, he has helped over 1,800 people reach financial freedom as a real estate specialist, author, and speaker.

There are many advantages to using DDP

Getting Long-Term Financial Independence with DDP Property

At DDP Property, you’ll learn how to leverage real estate.

  • Save time, money, and stress.
  • The entire procedure can be managed by their experts.
  • Remodeling, managing, and finding the perfect home
  • Negotiate with several contractors at once.
  • On your behalf, they find investment properties.
  • Buildings, pests, and other things are inspected and tested.
  • Refurbishment projects are organized and controlled by them.
  • Developing a strategy, implementing it, and increasing your real estate holdings.
  • Find a house without wasting your time.
  • Every step of the process requires your approval, giving you power.


  • On weekends and during the week, spend more time with loved ones
  • Life is short, so take more trips and savour it
  • To provide a good education for their kids (Private schools and Universities)
  • Many claim to have a boat as well… and many upgrade their vehicles?
  • Volunteering, playing a sport, or developing a hobby instead of working
  • A stay-at-home parent dedicates themselves to taking care of their children full-time
  • Using the extra money, I would like to establish a company
  • It is my intention to gain an understanding of the real estate industry in order to someday be able to work as a developer in it
  • Having everything related to real estate under one roof will make the process much easier because everything is available in one place.
  • I like investing in real estate as a pastime because I enjoy working with people and getting to know them.

DDP Property Success: 8 Steps

We offer our clients the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of real estate specialists from all walks of life at DDP, from young, brash real estate investors to seasoned, service-based professionals in disciplines such as conveyancing, brokerage, and financial planning.

In order to be successful in real estate investing, you need the right people on your side, that are committed to your success. The world’s top real estate investors will always tell you that there aren’t enough hours in the day to make millions on your own.

It is time to move from the slow lane to the fast lane when you decide to take control of your financial future with DDP, and we will be here to make sure you stay in control so you can go where you want to go in life.

The company’s top priority is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Make sure that you schedule a meeting with one of their client managers so that they can explain how they operate and guide you through their procedures. Give them a call. Get the facts and figures straight from the professionals; no obligation.

  • A tactic for making investments
  • Brokerage company specializing in mortgage financing
  • We are a buyer’s agent and offer property search services to our clients
  • First-time homebuyers and homeowners who own their own homes
  • Construction of new buildings and renovations of existing structures
  • Superfunds for real estate investors that are self-managed
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Investment property reports are provided to investors

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Zaki Ameer, DDP Property is a well-known wealth creation organization that offers comprehensive real estate investment services that only serve buyers. DDP Property is a full-service real estate investment company that exclusively serves buyers. As a result of its tried-and-true tactics and a team of professionals whose expertise covers a wide variety of skill sets, it employs a program of tried-and-true tactics. In order to make investing in real estate easy on the Client, DDP oversees every aspect of the property purchase process from start to finish.With the help of its professional staff and top suppliers across Australia, DDP negotiates exceptional deals for its clients, reaching below-market costs through their networks and buying volumes. All of DDP’s properties have exceeded the tight growth, profitability, and return on investment criteria set by investors. They have a track record of delivering sustainable real estate portfolios, and the company has been in business for ten years.

A number of techniques are combined by DDP to offer a comprehensive range of services, which include strategy, finance, buyer’s agent, conveyancing, property management, new construction, renovation, and property development, and guide its clients through the development and expansion of their property portfolios in a timely manner.

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