How Wario 64 Changed The Game Of Super Smash Bros

When Wario 64 was first released, it completely changed the game of Super Smash Bros. Nintendo’s popular fighting game franchise typically revolves around two characters duking it out on a battlefield. However, with Wario64, players were able to control Wario, a character who was not typically considered part of the fight. This gave new players an opportunity to learn the basics of the game and improve their skills in a way that was never possible before. Additionally, it created new strategies and combos that could be used in other games in the series. As a result, Wario64 altered the course of history for Super Smash Bros., and its influence can still be felt today. If you’re interested in video games and history, read on to learn more about how Wario64 changed the game of Super Smash Bros.

Wario 64 is considered the worst game in the Super Smash Bros series

If you’re a fan of the Super Smash Bros series, then you know that Wario is a troublesome character to deal with. He’s always trying to one-up everyone, and his moveset is far from conventional.

Wario 64 is considered the worst game in the Super Smash Bros series, and for good reason. In this game, Wario controls like a total novice, and his moves are laughably weak. His only saving grace is that he’s one of the most unique characters in the series, but even that can’t make up for how poorly he performs on the battlefield.

If you’re looking to play a more controlled version of Super Smash Bros., then you should definitely steer clear of Wario 64. It’s not worth enduring its frustrating gameplay just to see Wario’s silly face emblazoned across your screen every time he takes damage.

How Wario 64 Changed The Game Of Super Smash Bros

Wario 64 was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. It was the first game in the Wario series and it changed the way people played Super Smash Bros. Prior to Wario 64, people would use their opponents’ projectiles to edgeguard them or attack them from afar. However, Wario64 introduced a new mechanic called Sliding that allowed players to dodge and counterattack using their momentum. Sliding also made fighters more agile and gave them more mobility overall. This allowed players to create more strategic combos and dominate their opponents on the battlefield.

Another major change that came about as a result of Wario64 was damage modifiers. Prior to Wario64, every character had default stats that were unaffected by damage done to them. As a result, fights could often be very one-sided as characters with weaker attacks would easily take down those with stronger ones. Damage modifiers in Wario64 changed all of this by factoring in how much damage a particular attack does based on its position onscreen, making fights much more even and giving players a better sense of what each move does. This ultimately made Super Smash Bros into the dynamic fighting game it is today.

What Kind Of Changes Did Wario 64 Make?

Wario 64 was a big change for the Super Smash Bros. series and changed the way many people played the game. Changes made to Wario’s moveset, weight, andAttributes let him dominate competitive play.

Wario had always been a fast character with good damage output, but his moveset in previous games did not emphasize this trait. In Wario 64, his Fireball move was changed so that it became more about speed and distance than damage. This move was later changed again in Melee to make it even more reliant on speed. His new Weight attribute also made him a much heavier character which gave him better survivability against attacks and better traction on surfaces. These changes all combined to make Wario one of the most dominant characters in competitive play.

Why Was Wario64 So Popular?

Wario64 was not only a popular game for its own merits, but it also played a pivotal role in the development of the Super Smash Bros. series. Wario’s inclusion in the original game helped to define the character roster and set the tone for subsequent entries in the series.


Wario 64 was a game that revolutionized the way people played video games. Released in 1998, Wario 64 allowed players to control not one, but two characters simultaneously. Additionally, it introduced power-ups that could be used to change the course of a match. If you’re looking for an innovative and groundbreaking game that changed the landscape of video gaming, Wario 64 is definitely worth your time.

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