Are The Elden Ring DLC Worth It?

CD Projekt Red’s The Elden Ring is an ambitious action-RPG that encompasses a wide variety of different aspects. Whether you’re looking for high-quality graphics and an immersive story, or you just want to hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies, there’s something for everyone in The Elden Ring. But is it worth the purchase?

What are the Elden Ring DLC?

If you’re a fan of the Souls series, then you’re probably familiar with the Elden Ring. It’s an upcoming DLC for Dark Souls III that was announced at E3 this year.

The Elden Ring is a massive expansion that adds new content to the game, including new bosses, weapons, and spells. The DLC is set in the world of The Great Forest and takes place after the events of Dark Souls III.

While it’s not necessary to play the original game in order to enjoy The Elden Ring, it’s definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the series. The DLC is set to release on September 4th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What are the benefits of the Elden Ring DLC?

The Elden Ring DLC is a $19.99 purchase that adds new content to The Elder Scrolls Online, including new quests, dungeons, and races.
The DLC has several benefits for players. The first is that the DLC introduces a new alliance, the Aldmeri Dominion, which players can join or oppose. Joining the Dominion grants players access to new gear and bonuses, while opposing the Dominion allows players to earn rewards such as rare weapons and items. Additionally, the DLC increases the level cap to 50, which means that players can explore newer areas and tougher enemies. Finally, the DLC includes a new PvP mode called Battlegrounds that allows players to compete in team-based battles against others online.
All of these additions make The Elden Ring DLC a valuable addition for players who want more content in their MMO game.

How much does the Elden Ring DLC cost?

The Elden Ring DLC costs £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95, which is a bit more expensive than the other DLCs. However, it does include a lot of content, so if you’re interested in the game then it’s definitely worth it.

Is the Elden Ring DLC worth it?

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls series, then the Elden Ring DLC is definitely worth your time. This DLC adds a new story chapter and new game mechanics to the game, making it an essential purchase for those who want to continue playing. The new content is well-done and provides an enriching experience that’s well worth your money.


So, after completing the Elden Ring DLC and giving it a fair shake, are they worth your time and money? In short, yes. The new quests are interesting, the graphics have been dramatically improved over the base game (although some of them feel like stretch goals), and there’s plenty to do in the newly added regions. However, I would caution you not to get too invested in these sidequests — aside from being fun distractions while you wait for main story content to release, they’re not essential to your enjoyment of the game. If all you’re looking for is more Elder Scrolls action without having to spend hours on end grinding for experience points or crafting gear, then by all means pick up The Elden Ring DLC. But if you’re someone who values your time and wants total immersion in your gaming experience, then hold off until next year’s release date rolls around and gets its full price tag.

What are the Elden Ring DLC?

If you’re looking for more in-depth information about The Elden Ring, the downloadable content (DLC) is definitely worth your time. Released on March 7th, the DLC includes new quests, weapons, and armor that can be used in-game. In addition to this new content, the DLC also expands upon the story of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by adding new characters and locations.

The DLC is priced at $14.99/£11.99 and can be purchased through the game’s official website or through select retailers. If you’re already a fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then the DLC is definitely worth your time. However, if you’re new to the game, then it might not be a good idea to purchase the DLC right away.

Pros and Cons of The Elden Ring DLC


1) The DLC provides a wealth of new content for players to explore, including new quests, areas, and enemies.

2) The DLC introduces some interesting changes to the game’s mechanics, such as the ability to upgrade your gear and abilities in the forge.

3) The DLC adds a new multiplayer mode, which allows players to team up and fight against other teams of players.

4) The DLC provides players with opportunities to earn new rewards, including rare items and powerful weapons.

5) Overall, the DLC is a lot of fun and provides additional value for players who have already completed the main game.


1) Although the DLC is an enjoyable addition to the game, it does not change or improve upon any of the existing flaws in the game.

2) Some players may find it difficult to complete some of the new quests because they are more difficult than those found in the main game.

3) Some players may find it confusing to navigate the new areas and enemies found in the DLC.


So, are the Elden Ring DLC worth it? That’s a tough question to answer. On one hand, they include new and interesting content that expands upon the lore of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. On the other hand, some players may find that the DLC is more expensive than anticipated or simply not as compelling as other aspects of the game. Ultimately, what you decide to do with your money is up to you!

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